Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hate Week 4!!

So after taking this week off of running because of my minor yoga ouchie last week, I decided to pull my butt out of bed to try Couch to 5k Week-4 again. The weather was cool and super foggy! I could hardly see the water twenty feet away from me. I felt strong when I started running and made it through the first 3 minute run pretty easily. However, when I started doing the first 5 minute run, I felt so tired. By the end of the run my knee was kind of bothering me, I felt winded, I was cramping and I was totally defeated. I actually started formulating this blog post running. After the 2.5 minute walk, I still felt this totally painful cramp in my side. I tried to run through it but probably after a minute of that 3 minute run, I quit. I couldn't catch my breath and my side was so ached up. However, when Suz got to the final run, I made up my mind:

I was going to do it.

At first I set a physical goal. I picked an entrance to the park that looked about 5 minutes away and said to myself, just make it there. Just get there. If that's under 5 minutes, then so be it, but get there. Lo and behold, a lot of panting and discomfort later, I reached the goal with Suz's Michael Jackson tune still blaring in the background. So I kept going. And totally finished the 5 minute run! So I did manage to get two 5 minute runs in there. I'd estimate I ran at least 14 out of the 16 minutes I was supposed to be. Next time, let's hope it's 16/16!

I also bought a dress for myself today that might end up being a total disaster. Way back when, I bought a Groupon for this site Skinny Tees. It's tagline is "the diet you wear" and that sounded pretty appealing to me. I've been surfing the site figuring out what on earth I would buy when I stumbled across this dress. I think there is almost NO chance this will look good on me. It's a "one size fits most" and while I don't think squeezing it on will be the problem, I think I will look like a roly poly, lumpy person. However, all I wanted in the world was that dress in that color (black would've been a safer choice for obvious reasons). So after checking out their return policy, I decided to go for it and buy the dress and hope that at least by the end of the summer it looks as good on me as it does on that model. We'll see.

I know one of the PriorFatGirls has a goal dress that she's been marking her progress on and that seemed like a fine idea to me. If it really is a miserable thing, I'll just return it and buy some tank tops (probably after hating life a little).

Date 2 with the guy tomorrow. I'm pretty excited for it. We're going to a place where I think by now I've had three dates (with other guys), YET he suggested it. Fate, or what?

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  1. LOVE THE DRESS! You have to wear it when you take me out to dinner when I get home!