Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FF Day 3

I really don't know if I can really say I'm making a concentrated effort to eat as close to 0 grams of fat as possible. Almonds are a staple of my diet (the God's honest truth: the best food combo in the WORLD is unsalted dry roasted almonds and seedless red grapes -- sounds like whatever but has CHANGED MY LIFE!). Last night's dinner was healthy though. I got a beet and goat cheese salad with grilled chicken on top with the low fat vinaigrette on the side. I hate asking for dressing on the side but I also know that restaurants have a habit of pouring on the dressing. So I asked. I also only ate the goat cheese I wanted (they gave me a TON). So ended up leaving a lot behind. Which I absolutely would have not done if I wasn't thinking about fat grams.

I have found myself hungrier though! I'm flashing back to nutrition talks at the "Women's Health Facility" my mom sent me to my senior year of high school, where they made a BIG DEAL POINT that you absolutely, unequivocally NEED carbs, fats and proteins in your diet. And in combination with each other. The hunger mechanism turns off when those three categories are satisfied. If they're not, then you still feel hunger until you get that last group met.  So maybe I actually AM reducing the fat. I don't think this week-long experiment is detrimental, and I'm curious to know the results. Though I do feel like if I manage to lose more than a pound or so, it could just be because I'm paying SUCH CLOSE ATTENTION to the foods I'm eating. I would like to charge down to overweight (as opposed to obese, thank you very much, BMI) territory. Also 40 pounds under Christine jurisdiction is only 3.5 pounds away. That would be a nice milestone (also would put me in the overweight category).

Today I got woken up at an ungodly hour because the building next to me decided to test their alarms at 6:30 (yes, sorry teachers who read this, but 6:30 is ROUGH for me). I tried to fall back asleep but ultimately decided it was a losing battle and crawled out of bed at 7:30. So what did I do? Go run? Exercise? Hit up the gym? Yoga? Pilates? No. I sat on my couch and read food blogs. Not even kidding. I added probably 7 food blogs to my reader (I don't even know why, I'll probably unsubscribe to most of them soon).

I just didn't want to exercise! How do you guys find the motivation? My two weeks of activeness seems to have petered off (which is what I usually do). And it's SO beautiful outside. There was just no good excuse! However, I did pack my lunch (yes, I did start it yesterday). But I made a Tuna Salad Sandwich (with butter lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capers, and low fat mayo on low fat 40 calorie bread). And then I packed one of those Laughing Cow cheese wheel bits, and grapes with almonds (only 10 almonds with around 20 grapes). And it was so delicious. And now I'm sipping on a big mug of green tea and feeling very satisfied with it all. I meant to take a picture but I got so distracted/excited by eating it. I forgot!

The thing is about not exercising, is that I eat less. So (while I know this is not true at all) I feel like eating less negates the not exercising, and so it's all moot anyway! I've lost most (if not all) of this weight due to eating less... so why stop now? I haven't plateaued (yet). I don't feel wheezy and out of breath. So what's the deal?

I clearly need to start paying Jason to whip me into shape... Or borrow Jo's Jillian Michaels DVDs!

I also tried on my dress for my mother and her friend yesterday. My mother's friend LOVED it and said I needed some sexy high cut boots to go with it. My mother was not as thrilled but was surprised at how NOT terrible it looked. My friends are trying to find a night where we can go out/I can get skanked dressed up a little with my tiny little dress. I also need to buy one of those racerback bra adjustments. Or figure out if I can go commando. When I saw my mother she said, "What happened to your boobs? You're looking more like me!" Which is almost true! That has been the latest part of me to start shrinking. I'm not sure I'm at the point where I can go bra-less, but I could try! Beware world!

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