Saturday, April 23, 2011


For some reason, this week has been hard. I started off in a good mindset. Passover was upon us, and I feel like anything that mixes up my diet and makes me think about food again, is a good thing. I can take time to reflect on choices I'm making etc. This happened when I went to Hawaii too. Just reset my system a little, allowed me to examine my intake. However, I have a four day weekend (I had Thursday and Friday off) and something clicked in me. It was time to go OUT. I drank too much this week and today I feel groggy and gross. I was not into the workout I had on Wednesday and I haven't been to the gym or running since. Today is rainy and is totally matching up with how I'm feeling. Also means I can't go running outside which is my favorite place to go running.

In other news, my second date with the boy went well. I do think he finds me attractive which is nice but also something I'm not used to feeling secure about. Not that I do feel secure, mind you.

I'm excited to see Christine on Monday. I feel like I need her to yell at me a little. Snap me out of this malaise I'm feeling.

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