Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 4 Day 2

Today was kind of a disappointing run. I woke up with the best of intentions and put in my Apple headphones (I was too busy/lazy to go and buy some). I walked out to Riverside Park and it was a gorgeous morning. Just perfect for jogging. I could actually hear Suz's commands, and was really going. However the "just three minute long run" left me panting and after that there's only a 90 second recover before a 5 MINUTE RUN. While that might not seem like a lot, it really really is hard for me! I made it through the second run. I made it through the next 3 minute run, but the final run (another 5-minute one) was killer. And probably about 2 minutes into it I had to walk. My legs were tired, I was sweaty and totally breathless. I picked up and ran for probably the last 2 minutes, but also felt totally dead after that.

This is the first Cto5K workout I just couldn't push through, and that was a little depressing. I went home, showered, and bought myself a Clif bar (Macadamia White Chocolate - yum).

I think the reason I pushed through last time is because instead of a 90 second recovery after the first run, I had all that trouble with my headphones and so took a much longer pause before the first five minute run.

Will try again soon! Might stay on Week 4 for a while though.

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