Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funniest Email

Today I got an email from my uncle. He's not really big into email and would MUCH rather call me so every time I get an email from him, it's a little treat.

Subject: A question from your Uncle
Message: How much weight have you lost

I find this pretty funny. It's rather random and I haven't seen my uncle in a while, and the last time I did see him, there was no mention of my weight. My family is VERY verbal about weight. A solid chunk of my family is trying to lose weight at any given point. Not that they're all OVERweight, per se, just weight obsessed. So when I don't get comments from them about my weight, I figure the shift hasn't been all that noticeable.

I've been going through pictures from last spring. I think I untagged a lot of the ones where I look big, and so I don't really have a great grasp of what I looked like "before." But I do know that 40lbs is a lot of weight, especially for someone who is not a very tall person.

What likely happened is that my uncle saw the GP who recommended Christine, used me as a success story and plugged her to my uncle (who is an overweight family member).

I took today off of exercising. After yoga on Monday and Cto5k yesterday, my legs are achy and I am just generally fatigued, so I enjoyed sleeping in today! Back to run tomorrow though. No slacking! Must buy headphones tonight.

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