Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FF Day 2

So I think yesterday I finished up with my as-little-fat-as-possible well. I went to my parent's and my mom had cooked fish, rice and veggies. Granted I'm sure there was plenty of butter and oil involved, but it was SO delicious. Mom is a really awesome cook these days. I stocked up on Chiobani yogurts and some cottage cheese for good measure. I seriously think the pomegranate Chiobani is my favorite. It actually has little seeds in it!

This morning was a little tragic though. I ended up going to a bar downtown with a couple of friends last night and though I didn't drink (well fine ... maybe 1/4 shot of whisky), I stayed out WAY later than expected and I finally was in bed at 1:30am. I had strong intentions of running this morning, but I'm already feeling a little under the weather and tonight is going to be another late night so I opted for sleep over exercise. The easier choice, I know, but I also think it was probably the right one in this scenario. I'm still feeling a little sickly and my boss is out with the flu, so I'm a little nervous about my levels of sickiness. Either way, I woke up charged! I was going to make my own lunch and bring it to work as opposed to eating yet another item from juice generation I have no idea the caloric information of! I pulled out the tuna, made the salad (complete with capers and tomatoes, yum!) and two slices of low calorie bread. And as I was gearing up to go I remembered...

It is still Passover!!!!

No tuna salad sandwich for me! So I put it in the fridge for tomorrow (thank the lord the ending is just around the corner), and ran off to work. I went to Juice Generation and, of course, they are out of every salad they have. Just sandwiches. Just my luck right? Now this Juice Generation is all into cleanses and they have a raw food cleanse that you can buy a package to or you can buy individual items of. So while staring at this raw, vegan, gluten free food, I decided to go for it. I know that just because it is raw, vegan, and gluten free doesn't mean it's low calorie or low fat. But at least it's probably pretty healthy. So I bought this:
And it was very delicious. The filling was mainly nuts or something, and I the sauce tasted like yogurt (but that's not vegan... so clearly I'm wrong). And even if it wasn't low fat or low calorie, I don't think I was putting bad things into me. So that's really the key to it all, right? I really wish Juice Generation would hurry up and update their stupid website! I really do! It would make my lunch choices that much clearer. I sent them another email today asking when they thought they'd launch the website, and no answer yet. After lunch I really wanted something sweet and there was nothing around so I made myself a coffee with a hearty serving of Almond Milk (yes, not fat free, I know!). 

So perhaps this fat flush isn't going as well as I'd like to think it is. I'm thinking about it, but not altering my actions that much. Though, admittedly, sometimes just thinking about it helps and you subconsciously make better choices? Maybe? Maybe? Anyone? No? Okay then...   

In OTHER news, the SkinnyTees dress came today. I pulled it out of the bag and was shocked to learn that this item I was holding was considered a dress and not a tank top. And I will let you see for yourselves: 

Clearly the socks make the outfit. But not as horrible as I expected! I need to buy some black translucent CONTROL TOP stockings. And probably buy (or steal my roommates) racer back bra adjustments. And do something about how it rides up (not demonstrated in this picture). But overall, not a total bust, and not worth returning, I don't think. Right? Am I delusional? Also it might call for a cute belt. Or cardigan. Or long necklace. Or fishnets. Or something. but overall a solid basic SUPER TIGHT dress. I think it will probably look better in another 20lbs, but I also don't think I can't pull it off now!

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