Thursday, February 27, 2014


Ah, the f-word: fitness. I go through spurts of feeling like EXERCISE WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING. And then I burn out and quit. But right now I'm re-spurting and trying to add a level of accountability. One of my old friends from middle school is a personal trainer/yoga instructor and I've been reading her blog for a while. It felt like her values and mine kind of aligned. She's also young and engaged and living in Harlem.

So we had our first session yesterday. We talked a little about goals and fitness levels and then she had me do two circuits. The first one was 15 squats, 15 standing push ups, 15 5-lb pull ups? I don't know what it's called but basically you squat and pull the weights to your chest and then back again and then 25 jumping jacks -- and repeated that three times.

Then we did an abs circuit (ouch) where we lay on a big ball and pressed up the 5lb weights 15 times, 15 crunches on the ball and 15 things where I lifted one foot at a time and bounced a medicine ball to my left and right while kind of reclining backwards. This was followed by 20 seconds of high knees. Between the circuits we walked (at about 3.5) on the treadmill.

I felt like she didn't want to kill me but did want to push me.

Today I HURT. My abs are sore, my upper thighs are sore, my armpits are sore, my chest is sore.

But I felt good. I did it after all. And having a relationship with someone is motivating. I already have my appointment for next week and my "homework" is to walk 3 miles before then.

So... fitness!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pulling back

I had a bad night. I was wayyyyy up this morning -- probably due to drinking too much alcohol. You can't actually gain weight as quickly as my scale would have me believe. I'm pulling way back today. Drinking lots of water and I have this baby slow cooking for when I get home.

I scheduled an appointment with a personal trainer -- a girl I knew from my unhappy middle school days. She and I are meeting tomorrow and I'm really excited about it. I probably won't feel that way on Thursday but so it goes.

She wants to meet twice a week and if I can get into that routine I will be broke but foxy, right? I need to start living up to my blog's name!

I'm feeling a little down but I know the appropriate reaction is to pick myself up, learn from mistakes, not punish myself and move forward. I have lost these EXACT pounds in the past so I can do it again. It's not discouraging it's motivating.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Once again -- not doing so well.

As I feel the scale creep up on me, I feel my anxiety spiking as well. I couldn't sleep last night and that's depressing.

I know I am capable of doing it. I just have to let myself.