Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 4 - New headphones

So, despite being totally freaked about at the thought of running for 5 minutes not once but TWICE. I put Suz on and started my five minute warm up walk. My left earphone started crapping out, so I took it out and was just listening through my right. Suz told me to start running for three minutes (Week 4 is run for 3 minutes walk for 90 seconds, run for 5 minutes, walk for 2.5 minutes; twice). But somehow something weird either happened on her end or my end and SHE NEVER TOLD ME TO STOP. I was huffing and puffing down Riverside Park thinking, "This feels long!" Finally, I just didn't know if I could keep going and I looked at my iPod and it was at the 11 minute mark! I had been running for 6 minutes! I knew this was not right, so I pulled out my left earphone and with some finagling (probably took me about 5 minutes to figure it all out) got to the point where Suz told me to run. I had to hold the iPod in a very specific way just so I could hear the commands. I did finish the rest of the workout and so managed three 5+ minute runs (plus only one 3 minute one!). I feel like Week 4 Day 2 will HAVE to be easier than that...

Lesson of the day: time for new headphones!

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