Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling Better/Fat Flush??

As expected, I'm feeling a lot better after seeing Chris. I even managed to lose some weigh this week despite what seemed like my best efforts to gain. When I first walked in she said she was trying a new experiment with patients who have been fairly successful, and who seem to listen to her pretty well. She said to try and eat NO fat this week. Like as close to 0 as humanly possible. Now, I don't think my diet has been particularly high fat. Though, admittedly, I hardly look at the fat grams when I'm picking a food. I'm usually more concerned with calories. If there's anything my MILLION stints at Weight Watchers taught me it's that a diet or "live-it" (as one of my leaders liked to call it), is simply the management of a calorie deficit.  Obviously, there's a lot more wound into that (for example, emotions, for one), but simplistically losing weight means managing calories. Period.

When I lost weight before, I didn't think for a minute about calories, or fat grams or anything of the sort. It was a highly restrictive diet but basically if I was eating foods I "could" eat, I could eat as much of them as I want and still lose weight. And, in reality, I think this was a fairly high fat diet. Just minimal carbs.

So, really, I've never thought about fat grams so this could be a fun experiment. I'd like to think more about my food choices. My weight loss has been slowing down. Nothing extreme, and I'm still losing, so that's something to be very grateful for, but I would be interested in seeing what a fat free (or close to it) diet could do for me. Not that it's probably sustainable, which is a concern.

The one tragic thing about this all is Chris asked me to replace my beloved Luna, Clif, Zone Bars with fat free yogurt. Now, of course, I am not against fat free yogurt, but these bars are such an ingrained part of my diet! I don't know what I'll do!!

I also need to rethink lunch (especially that stupid Juice Generation still has not launched their new and improved website... seriously bad things will happen if they don't have the calories up there after all this hype!). I think I'll go for soups this week at Juice Generation... and I guess avoid beans? They're high in fat as far as I can remember.

All in all, I really don't think I have a particularly high fat diet as is. If I did, I don't think I'd have lost as much weight as I did. Really the killer this week was all the alcohol consumption. And usually I'm better with that (I think it's easy when I don't have 4-day-weekends!).

Today started off strong with green tea and Chiobani - Strawberry (courtesy of Chris) and for lunch I had chicken with summer vegetable soup (with some rice). Let's see how it goes! I also made myself a shopping list of low fat or fat free items that are not gross and overly processed (I think the issue with fat free stuff is that most of it is pretty processed). But I do think this is worth trying for a week and see how I feel.

So anyone with me? Try cutting fat out as much as possible for a week? 

I need to get back to exercising. Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day so maybe I will be more inspired to do my Cto5k. I also need to drag my butt to the gym and work on those strength training things that Jason recommended. I probably should just hire him to see me once a week and spend another small fortune on a health professional.

Chris also said, "I bet it feels good to have not that much more weight to lose." Which shocked me. I thought I had at least another 30/40 to lose but she said I'll start looking/feeling good in about 20lbs. Crazy to think I'm well on my way! 42 down...

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