Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pefect Week

I want to have a perfect week on my diet. I've been sending Christine my meals every week. I've brought lunch twice so far (one tuna salad sandwich and today a PBJ). I've been that obnoxious person at restaurants "Uh... which of those salad dressings is low fat?" and haven't felt bad about it. I am feeling like I did at the beginning of my diet. Well at least the strict and focused part. I feel confident that I can maintain ... it's basically what I've been doing for the past few months. So at least that's a comfort.

I'm a little nervous about the weekend though because I'm facing two situations where I have had trouble historically. Friday night we're going out to celebrate my coworker's birthday.
Now, I've been blessed since moving to New York of having some really incredibly wonderful coworkers (some of whom read this! Hi!). But ever since switching jobs, I have just a huge quantity of coworkers. And I'm very happy that I've been so welcomed into hanging out with them. But these girls like to DRINK and then EAT and then DRINK some more. And they don't really take abstaining as an option. Some situations you can gracefully bow out, but not these girls. So I anticipate Friday will be a little bit of a struggle. (After a drink or so in me, the idea of a perfect diet week is completely lost. Nachos, mac and cheese, anything fatty or greasy sounds like an INCREDIBLE plan.) If I can go in there, have ONE (read: 1) light beer, then all is well. But... I'm nervous.

Also, I am going out on Sunday to see friends in Long Island, who similarly LOVE to eat. And have been texting me about brunch reservations etc. Another situation I hope I can escape unscathed... especially since I weigh-in with Christine Sunday evenings.

Tomorrow is Friday. My work has this awesome-for-everyone-not-me program where they give wonderful (often fattneing) snacks on Friday. Trouble spot.

I'm trying to plan but I'm having trouble finding the answer. I just don't know but what I DO know is I have trouble when this happens. Trying to avoid that. For now.

How do you guys deal with going out? Especially with people you love but who aren't necessarily the most sensitive to your diet? Is there a good game plan or is it just about putting your foot down?

Also a little PSA from me to you. Clif has a new bar out. AND IT IS DELICIOUS. You should try one. I'm not a big coconut person myself but I am really into this. Also I'm looking for some more snacky ideas as well as some quick-to-pack lunches. Advice, friends?

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