Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keepin' On

I lost a pretty insiginficant amount of weight and ALSO was weighed in the morning (I'm usually weighed right before dinner). I found this a little discouraging, but it's better than gaining!

Last week for our lunch exchange I brought Jamie falafel. This was super lazy/cop out but actually a pretty quick lunch option for any of you looking for that. I bought boxed falafel mix and instead of frying it, I baked it on parchment paper (no need for oil at all!).
I bought this brand but I wasn't totally tied to it.

Brought that in with some 100-calorie pita (I was a little bothered to learn that by "pita" they meant "half a pita" but there you have it. I also brought some hummus, tomatoes, pepper and spinach. Clementines for dessert.
Mmmmm delish!

It was super easy/mostly bought and VERY filling.

Today Jamie is bringing some vegetarian chilli and I'm pretty excited about it. She gets a little nervous cooking (ridiculous) and I'm sure it will be awesome. Stay tuned.

I'm baking cookies for my department at work (they're each getting a batch)! I made three batches of dough this weekend (one more to make tonight) and will finally be baking them all tonight. I hope I can get through tonight without consuming too many (any?). I halved a lot of the recipes with the idea that if I only made a dozen cookies... I had to GIVE a dozen cookies. Somehow now there are four other people joining me and I feel a little bad because I am not sure I will have the cookies to feed them all! Still. Give myself credit for planning, right?

For another little pat-on-the-back moment I'm going to take a picture of our snack table at work yesterday (none of which I consumed).

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