Friday, December 23, 2011

How to say NO

Dieting is hard.

Dieting during the holidays is really freaking hard.

I'm sure you're all experiencing this and I know I've mentioned it here before. But I also hate when other people get offended when you're trying to make good choices. The whole "my diet starts January 1" is a poor mentality at best. So what is this? A final hurrah MONTH before you "start your diet"? I've been on a diet for over a year now. Why would I take a break? I sent my thoughts to Christine who said it best: "I find people encourage you to binge like they are so that they won't feel guilty that you have self control.  I wonder if they really enjoy what they are stuffing themselves with. Most have 3 to five pound gain during holidays, I know because I have seen it for 30 years after January 1, a very busy time of year for me with sinners!"

So I'm going to share with you all the things I successfully said no to (and the things I -- oops -- didn't!).

This is all the snack table at work. I successfully said no to EVERYTHING. Not even one measly truffle!

Ironically enough, where I had trouble saying no was to myself. I baked over 4 dozen cookies for my department at work. And I ate a lot of cookies. And cookie dough. I probably had at least 5 cookies that night. I woke up ill and gross. And kind of angry at myself. I wanted to try what I was giving away, I suppose. I felt entitled to eat them because I spent such a long time making them. I don't think I can bake like that in my apartment again any time soon. Then again, there's no cause for it anytime soon. So that can be my holiday splurge, I suppose.

I felt immediately guilty after. What's so interesting is that once you've made the choice to eat the item... there's no going back. You've made that choice, it's in your system and that's that. It's constantly a I'll make a better choice next time.

Christine and I were talking and she said that when she was craving something really decadent, she'd have a piece of chocolate cake for dinner... with some salad on the side or something. Or you have the cake, and the next day you compensate. It's not anything absolute. Youc an always change.

It's never "Oh I'll just start Jan 1!" 

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