Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Weekend!

Happy 2012 everyone!

I had a truly wonderful new year's weekend. I went down to DC to see my college roommates and it was totally lovely. I took a lot of pictures. I left from a crowded Penn Station.

When I got to DC, my friend met me at the train station and took me to this adorable bookshop/cafe. I got spicy vegan tomato soup (so freaking good!) and a quinoa, cashew, carrot and sundried tomato salad. It was super tasty and felt nice to have a lovely meal after sitting on a train.

We then went shopping for the party. I thought the shopping cart gave us away. I insisted we buy carrots and hummus (my friend is a reader of the blog and a very good sport).

The party was glitter themed and my other friend in DC tried to convince me to wear this to the party. It did not work, but I did end up feeling like a pretty mermaid for about 10 minutes.
I really didn't feel like I overdid it at the party. Having the carrots there just to munch on was infintely helpful. There were also fondue fixings and I will admit to dipping a few pretzels into the mix... but I do think the amount of chocolate that stuck was pretty minimal. I didn't drink much and so I didn't get drunk munchies either. I also made a little pact with my friend before I even went to DC. We didn't bring it up at the party but it was nice that I had some unspoken support there.

Though this was FAR from a dry party. Champagne bottles lined the windowsil.
 And there was a solid bar complete with a sombrero.
 New year's day my friends and I reunited for a day of snuggles and crossword puzzles. Very low key. No sightseeing but just a really perfect weekend.

I had Monday off as well and met a friend to go shopping. I bought this blazer and the pants as well!

 I didn't buy any of this outfit but I was really proud to be fitting in 29 Uniqlo skinny jeans.

The lighting in H&M was subpar but I bought this dress too. What you can't see is it has an exposed zipper running down the back. Very cute.

So now... I'm poor! But very happy. Shopping with my friend was really nice (she also has lost a lot of weight lately) so we had fun admiring our new outfits.

I'm grateful to have the amount of support I do. Here's to a great 2012!

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