Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 4 Recap

This week went pretty perfectly as far as my March Madness thing went though I did seriously sugar binge this weekend. When I lose the structure that I self-impose my Monday-Friday, I have a much harder time keeping it together. There has also been a ton of candy and chocolate floating around my life (in no small part due to Easter). I do know that I'm going to have two BIG meals this week for Passover, so I'm going to try and keep it together until then.

All said though, I lost another .5lbs. While that may seem pretty minimal, I am pretty thrilled that there is movement in the right direction. I was a little nervous last week that this would be a fluke and that the weight came off for some weird reason, but after this weeks weigh in, I think that weight is gone for good. Let's hope, shall we?

I planned really carefully today and since I'm spending the night in Brooklyn tonight, I went so far as to pack TWO lunches/snacks/etc for tomorrow so I don't get thrown. I made some lean ground turkey with carrots, celery, soy sauce and chili sauce to put on top of salads this week. It actually was quite tasty, very low carb and fairly low calorie. It doesn't look particularly beautiful, but I think it will taste really good over my greens.

Sorry I've been a little slow on posting, my show opened on Friday and there has just been so much running around. I'll get back to details soon.

Also seriously I'm obsessed with The app is really great too. You should all join it and be my friend! I'm a good commenter. I went to a Total Body Conditioning class (you may remember the one from Week 1?) this morning. Already I'm feeling achy. Does not bode well for tomorrow. Though I did feel stronger in the class and didn't leave feeling as completely physically wiped (though I was also a few minutes late so missed the crazy cardio warm up).

It's April, yes, but I'm still considering this my March Madness challenge. Sorry.

March Madness Weight Loss: - 1.75

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  1. I love the whole carefully planning ahead so you don't get thrown; very smart!

    Even though half a pound is minimal, as you would say, it's progress. And it's hard to argue with progress. And considering how much you've lost so far, it doesn't get any easier. The fact that you haven't hit any snags so far is fantastic.