Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still Chugging

With the exception of a 1/2 of a Levain Cookie I pretty much rocked the diet last week. I was 2.8lbs thinner than I was the previous week. Not too shabby. I think I'm only going to "count" my weight on Mondays -- I admit to being someone who weighs myself fairly regularly.

My fiancee is on board. He doesn't totally understand all the weight issues -- as someone who really has no experience with it personally or even in his family. They are all small people. I did make it clear that while he can buy whatever crap he wants for himself -- it has to be crap I don't like eating. This is not as restrictive on him as this may sound. I liked rich goods -- cookies, cake, dense, chewy, chocolatey, peanut buttery. Meanwhile he would much rather go with a fruit tart. Or even candy -- lollipops, circus peanuts (gag). My new favorite thing is getting texts from him while he's at the supermarket. "Do you like tapioca pudding?" "No...?" "Okay good!" We are slowly getting together a home system that leaves my apartment as a safe space for me while not being overly prohibitive for him. For dinners he knows to bake instead of pan fry. Pam is a staple. He and I will browse skinnytaste.com for recipes that look good to him and are appropriately healthy for me. I feel like I'm getting back into a healthy routine.

Christine was pleased. I am not sending her diaries daily but rather weekly and then we go over all of it together. I like that better than the little encouraging exchanges we do sometimes.

I'm getting into home cooking -- I'm becoming one of those people attracted to "quick weeknight meals!" I made this last night with some steamed broccoli and the fiancee was spooning up the leftover sauce with a spoon. http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/07/asian-glazed-drumsticks.html Also it is very easy and everything was ready in -- 40 minutes? I keep forgetting to take pictures of the meal. I used thighs instead of drumsticks because I am not actually crazy about drumsticks.

Anyway, I'm feeling proud of myself. I'm feeling motivated and good and in control. All happy feelings.

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  1. wooo! KEEP ON GOIN'! your fiance doesn't have to understand as long as he's supportive. kudos to him for helping to maintain a safe environment.