Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feeling Stable

So I finally feel like I'm back in a routine that's familiar. I've been eating a very similar pattern day by day and while maybe it will get boring at some point -- it's working for me now. And I've seen slow but steady weight loss which is really happy and affirming. Two Mondays ago I was down .8 and this Monday I was down another 1.4. Progress! This leaves me exactly 5lbs down from my starting weight. Not losing huge numbers but it's not like there's a race to get down the 20lbs. My wedding is in October so hopefully I'll reach the goal comfortably before that.

Here's a sample of my regular day.

Breakfast (10:00am)
Usually some overpriced yogurt. I like the Fage 0% with fruit or honey and I'm LOVING Chobani Flips (Key Lime Crumble, anyone? I die)
Skinny Vanilla Latte

Somehow the combination of those two leave me satisfied for a couple of hours

Snack (12:00pm)
I've been having reduced fat string cheese as my mid-morning snack. Not terribly exciting but satisfying enough.

Lunch (2:00pm)
Usually leftovers or soup or I just bought some sandwich thins and boca burgers.
I usually have something sweet with this -- either some like 90 calorie Fiber One bar or a piece of fruit

Snack (4:00pm)
I like Zone bars or pistachios (about 25) I'll usually go with one of those and stick with pistachios if I'm planning a higher carb dinner or go with the zone if I'm planning a low carb dinner.

Dinner (7:30? 8?)
I've been cooking mostly recipes because I LOVE HER. I've been aiming for the lower carb items. Tonight I'm making Cuban Picadillo and am excited about it.
Sometimes the fiance and I share a grapefruit. Sometimes a fiberone bar. Sometimes nothing.

Hopefully the next 5 come off relatively smoothly. I imagine I'll have to fight for the last 10.

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  1. You could switch it up with some seaweed snacks (annie chung and that ilk) if you want something slightly more exciting. 30 cal per serving and 1g carbs to boot! Whether they're filling enough is an entirely different story however.

    Anyway, KEEP GOIN'!