Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good day

Success! Yesterday was a good day. I wrote down everything I ate. I didn't exactly say no to EVERYTHING -- one of my coworkers offered me a buckeye and those things are my favorite ever. But that was the only blip. There were a tin of cookies in the kitchen and I didn't eat one bite. We can call that a success.

I'm trying to loop a friend or two into starting some kind of lose 10% of your body weight thing. I'm still brainstorming what that would entail but probably:
Touch base daily even if it's just a quick text.
Track everything in myfitnesspal.com and make it viewable to friends for extra accountability
Limit desserts to one item a week. Cut out grazing on truffles and Hershey's kisses etc.
Try and have one meal that's mostly protein and veggies.

What are other good healthy guidelines? Does anyone want to join?

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