Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mindful Bad Eating

I do enjoy eating healthy food.

I also enjoy eating unhealthy food.

This weekend has been an experiment in mindful bad eating. I wanted to eat unhealthy foods but didn't want to gain 5lbs (as can happen in one week!). It was all about subbing M&Ms for dinner, alcohol for snacks. Ultimately the QUANTITY of food I ate was not a whole lot but calorically pretty substantial.

I'm not advocating this.

I'm just trying to explain my relationship with unhealthy foods right now. I don't think this was a particularly good answer as I'm sure I wasn't getting any vague nutritional value. But man, it felt good to eat those foods.

I saw Christine in the morning (rare) and was the same weight as my (afternoon) weight the previous week. She said that that could mean up to a two pound gain but it was hard to say. I'll take my 0lbs up and try and focus on better choices this week.

Tricky business this week:
A baby shower ... are those things slammed with food? I've never been!
I'm hosting a movie screening. This means I'll have some control over what food is there but also means I will have guests bringing food/booze.

Next week will be LOTS of these tricky business situations... but one week at a time, yes?

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