Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I know you shouldn't be hungry on a diet.

But let's be real. A large part of dieting is retraining your body to take in what it needs. Whenever you start a diet, you're hungry. You're taking in fewer calories, fewer fats, fewer carbs. Your body is used to consuming more and soon it will figure out that it doesn't need such a vast quantity to survive.

Yesterday I stuck to my diet in a real way. I logged everything. I've been a little lazy about fresh fruits/vegetables but I did choose diet friendly packaged foods: oatmeal, fiberone, luna bars, nugo bars, veggie burgers. I went to bed early. I didn't night eat.


I woke up this morning FAMISHED. I think my body is used to eating at night and when I don't it's like WTF ANNA!! WHERE ARE ALL THE CALORIES?? I WANT THEM NOW KTHNX. Now, recently whenever I have those feelings... I eat. I'll take a spoonful of peanut butter (or two), I'll nibble on some cereal or granola. I'll take a handful of M&Ms.

This morning I said NO. I packed my lunch as usual and walked out of the door. Done. I got to work and made oatmeal (usually I wait until 10) and ate it! If I get hungrier earlier I'll figure it out then, but once again I need to retrain my body to only eat what it needs and to not give in to impulses that are the result of bad choices (night/morning binging).

It was hard to say no. I don't like saying no. I'm kind of a spoiled eater and I know that. Unlike a lot of dieters it doesn't make me feel powerful and mindful... it makes me feel grumpy and hungry. But still, soon I'll have figured it out again. I'll take pride in being able to control my hunger and impulses again. Something I think I've lost a little these past few months. Honestly though, it's hard to get past this hurdle of feeling hungry.

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