Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm on vacation with my family right now. And yes, my family likes eating (though are not on the most part heavy people). However, being on vacation with my mother is good because she likes to keep very active and I get dragged along. Jogging and snorkeling have been daily activities. I'm surprising myself with my running. I can probably run 15 minutes straight. Yesterday we probably ran 15 minutes and then took a 10 minute break and then ran for another 15 minutes. I know all you 5k-ers out there are probably unimpressed but running 1-2 miles is a BIG deal for me. So... good progress despite falling off the C to 5k bandwagon.

Jen at has a weekly post of her followers sweaty pictures and I thought for kicks, I'd send you mine:
Thumbs up for running!

I'm also sending my daily food eatings to Christine. She's not replying but even the act of just sending them along at least makes me more conscious of what I'm eating. Not difficult to eat well in Hawaii though... fish everywhere. Though who knows what it's cooked with... I know I'm eating bigger dinners than usual but I'm also exercising and eating much smaller lunches. So hopefully it's balancing out!

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