Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am sad. There is a solid chunk of my life that is not going the way I want it to. And there's just really nothing I can do about most/any of it. I'm feeling tired. Top that off, this is a huge week for us at work and we have three solid days of auditions. Which means my office provides snacks. Which means today I ate my weight in Goldfish and Yogurt Covered Pretzels. Now, while that's not the worst food items to eat, it's certainly not the best. And what kind of scared me about it, is I really didn't care. I was eating handfuls of Goldfish while JOKING to my coworker about emotionally eating.

And it felt good. It felt comforting and crunchy and compulsive.

I need to get myself out of this funk stat.


  1. Sigh, dating is so hard. You should join an adult kickball league where you will be surrounded by an endless variety of hot sweaty men all the time.