Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Great Goldfish Gobble

I'm feeling better. I feel like I have tools at my fingers.

I've also discovered that Whole Wheat Cheddar Goldfish are my binge food! What is that!? WHY is that!? I don't even like them that much. I just feel the total compulsion to eat them. ALL of them. We got a huge box of them for an audition this week. And while the children (and myself) did a pretty good job... we probably have somewhere around 1/8th left. And all I want to do is eat them. So I probably had at least 5 mini trips to the large Goldfish Carton of Doom today. (Toward the end of last week they were in our office kitchen, so much easier to avoid but today my coworker brought them into our office.) 
What are you smiling at, fish!?

Anyway. Spirits are higher. Less bummed about boys, less bummed about life, more jazzed about finding a new job. Taking things into control.

Seeing Christine on Monday was good. We hardly talked about food at all, but just sort of talked through the issues and why I'm overeating goldfish when stressed. It was good, she didn't berate me at all, and I actually lost 1/4lb (WHAT?!). I'm feeling better and more on track with my eating (minus the Goldfish... time to move them back to the kitchen, I think).

Anyway. Going to focus my energy on getting a job and eating on track.

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