Monday, July 11, 2011

Down 3 more!

Well, even though I still don't think I have my footing quite right with my eating, I lost another 3lbs in the past two weeks. I'm almost down a total of 60 (total weightloss with Christine is 52, weightloss since the start is 58)! I don't even know what that means. I'm sure you're all tired of me complaining of not knowing how I look, but I really don't! It's still such a thrill when people sit on either side of me on the subway. It's sad sitting next to a woman and then feeling her squeeze away because she's afraid of blubbering over onto my seat. I want to tell them I'm the best person to blubber into... but I somehow don't think they'd appreciate that.

I must admit though. I didn't eat yesterday. I drank my life away Saturday night (and went through an insane number of shenanigans). And I woke up yesterday after 5 hours of sleep (I cannot for the life of me sleep in if I go to bed drunk... is anyone else like that?), DEAD TO THE WORLD. I could not move. The thought of food made me nauseous. Eventually I snacked on a chicken sausage and some pasta with Smart Balance, but it was a rough day. And THEN I was afraid I would have gained all the weight due to excessive eating so I wore my lightest dress possible. And, of course, ended up losing a bunch. It felt good to see weight loss though. I've been a little stagnant in the past month (a lot of big life changes getting me down).

I ran into my 1st boss I had in NY on the street the other day and she hardly recognized me. Though I do attribute my last gained 15lbs to being unhappy in her office, it was really validating for her to see how great I looked. A few weeks ago I was with a fellow alum of my college and we ran into a kid we were both the TA of. He completely recognized her but could NOT place me. She and I had the same relationship to that kid (I'm even Facebook friends with him!) and he had no idea who I was. I think it's that I've lost so much weight that I'm becoming difficult to place.

My thinner friends have started lending me clothes, or giving me hand-me-downs that maybe are a little big (or maybe not). And THAT'S unreal. Girls who I never ever thought I'd be sharing clothes with are now seeing me as their size. Let alone me actually BEING close to their size. I feel like I have another 10lbs to lose before I feel like I really look like them. But 10lbs! What's 10lbs? And being practically 20lbs away from my goal. I'm sure it will be a long, slow 20lbs (I mean ... these past 5 have been a long slow battle). But I'm still going in the right direction, and I feel confident I will continue to do so. It will be better when I get a job and can establish my eating patterns again.

My uncle started seeing Christine and in the past month has lost 15lbs according to him. She keeps joking that she's going to be left in my parent's will. I'm not sure she's wrong.

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