Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting Settled

I got a new job! I am now the Executive Assistant at a large Off-Broadway theater company. It's a big adjustment. There is food... but less of it. It's not like my last job where every time I was hankering for a sweet... I could get one! I have my desk stocked with oatmeal and Zone bars. I've bought apples and cottage cheese and I feel like I'm setting myself up well.

I've also moved back into my apartment! I have a functioning kitchen. Things are finally beginning to settle down in the land of Anna.

On a less happy note, my favorite pants don't fit. I bought some bright green pants in Italy last year and I can squeeze them on but it's just not comfortable. No questions as to where that extra 10lbs has gone. I weighed in at Christine's yesterday the lowest I've been in a while and then proceeded to eat too much yesterday. Including a piece of chocolate cake and really no sense of the damage I did at a buffet. This morning I feel disappointed but I know it's time to just pick up my feet, order a salad for lunch and have that be okay.

I really need to try and start journaling again. The issue with journaling is two-fold. I start getting obsessive about it in a way that I'm fixated on food and when I'm really fixated on food, I tend not to succeed. The other part of it is, like everyone I'm sure, I hate journaling when I don't eat well. So I don't and then it just becomes this game of me patting myself on the back when I eat well but not really addressing the bad eating habits.

So I bought some new green-ish pants. Reluctantly. Got reacquainted with myfitnesspal.com and am going to try and lose 8-10lbs between now and June 29 (when I go to Hawaii with my parents and boyfriend). I feel like getting back to my formerly steady weight will make me feel good and charged for the summer.


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